Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Range Report

I went out plinking with a friend of mine on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I took three of my “recent” acquisitions with me (6.8 Rem spc upper AR-15, my AMD-65, and my Suomi) along with my Glock 27 carry pistol. My only disappointment was the Suomi as it’s having feeding issues. This means I either don’t have enough lubricant in it yet, or I need to take it over to the manufacturer in Vernonia and get the recoil spring replaced.

As I’d just had the new sights put on the Glock, I wanted to try it out again. I could regularly hit milk jugs with it at 20-30 yards. Not half bad for a sub-compact. It gave me yet another reason to REALLY like the Glock.

I’d had the AMD-65 finished by Salbo Arms, but hadn’t fired it since the refinishing. It’s not as accurate as some of my other AK’s, but it’s a complete BLAST to shoot. With the shorter barrel (with the welded muzzle brake to bring it to legal length), it’s also LOUD! You could literally hear the concussion echoing through the woods after every shot – even with solid ear protection.

My 6.8 AR-15 was just amazing. I need to get the scope sighted in properly, but from the first shot I was on paper roughly where I thought I should be at 50 yards. I’m going to add a bipod to the rifle to help stabilize prone and sitting shots to make it a better long-range platform.

Overall another great day at the range. Of course, getting ready to go out highlighted that I’m woefully short .30 carbine ammo (5 rounds). I’m going to have to fix that – my poor Underwood is getting lonely.

Until next time!!!

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